Instead of our productions, as our subdivision Istanbul Filmmakers Studio & Rental, we are a film studio rental and film equipment rental house providing state of the art latest film equipment rental services to the industry. We proudly rent our camera, lighting, sound, grip equipment as one the most comprehensive and only film hub of Turkey. In addition, within our partnerships since with other rental houses since 2009, we have access to the latest equipment and we provide the best prices for our clients.

We have our own Arri, Red, Sony, Canon cameras as well as speciality cameras like Phantom Flex High speed camera, as one of the few owners in Turkey.

We provide on location rental packages like in the Usa or in Europe and offer packages accordingly your budget dimensions. We rent 2 ton truck, 1 ton truck, digital equipment van packages to name a few.

Our digital studio rentals include greenbox, white cyc, tabletop studios and customizable shooting areas where you can do your own décor accordingly to your shooting requirements.

We will be happy to assist you realizing your project and You can always get in touch with us for your rental and studio requirements.