We believe in being different...
in order to stand out.

Istanbul Filmmakers is a full service production company and rental house based in Istanbul, the mother company of "MinusGreen Film", operating since 2009, which founded by Serhan NASIRLI. We are proudly the only Film Hub in Turkey

Istanbul Filmmakers is specialized in feature films, TV commercials, documentaries , TV and still productions. Our combined experience of the in-house team covers a wide range of applied talent in film, commercials, music videos and modern media content with post production services in our studios.

We service productions, arrange filming permits, location services, access to multilingual crew, studio rental & equipment hire, production consulting, incentives and VAT operations for companies shooting in Turkey.

Within our 1000m2 facility we are providing inhouse studio and equipment rental services. We are lucky to be one of the very few companies in Turkey that have a trilingual crew that can speak Turkish, English, Arabic among many bilingual speaking crew members. Besides being a pool of many talents, since 2015 we get together the filmaking community on a professional networking platform titled Istanbul Filmmakers Network especially for foreign filmmakers living in Turkey and MENA Region


Since 2009, we have produced numerous both international and local award winning productions including feature films ,tv commercials, documentaries, music videos, tv and still productions.

Our Works include clients like Ericsson, Siemens, Disney, Riot Games, Turkish Republic Ministry of Health, Vestel, Turkcell among many others.

Our aim is to continue to raise our production value to the highest levels by putting the production intelligence and management skills, of which we are experts, on top of each new project we work in.


Film in Turkey...
30% Up to Cash Rebate

Turkey is known throughout the world as the cradle of civilizations where East meets the West.

Shooting in Turkey gives you the luxury of a wide location options, multinational cast and professional crew with very competitive prices apart from the exotic, the historic and the natural breath-taking landscapes make for a perfect backdrop.

Providing unbelievably low costs for logistics, genuinely competitive prices for equipment rental and professional labor, and last but not least, incredibly favorable exchange rates for the world currencies, Turkey is a goldmine of advantages that offers great peace of mind to film professionals in each and every phase of film production.

In addition, cash rebates up to 30% with combination of additional %18 VAT refund makes Turkey perfect choice for filming and upto %48 of expenditure in Turkey as incentives.

Come shoot and enjoy the sun in all four seasons.


Cash Rebate
Turkey offers cash rebates of up to 30% for feature films, documentaries, and TV series.

Tax Advantage
Foreign film producers can receive a VAT refund (up to 18%) for all expenses relating to the procurement and import of goods and services during film shooting.

Cash Rebate
up to + 18%
VAT Refund


Turkey is a vast and boundless treasure of authentic historical settings and unspoiled natural wonders, all just waiting to be explored. Being a bring between Europe to Asia, Turkey is always being a home for ethnicity. Lived together for centuries, You can see Its mosaic combinations in architecture styles. Greek, Ottoman, Armenian, Arabic and European influence in architecture and lifestyles gives the ability to double your shoot in Turkey.

From mountains of mythical beauty to awe-inspiring waterfalls and well-protected national parks, from canyons and caverns to fairy chimneys, ancient cities, and a thousand things more.

We scout the best possible location alternatives for your projects in a four season setting.

Choosing Turkey is choosing the extraordinary.


Foreign film producers, directors and companies who want to shoot a film (a documentary, motion picture, TV film, TV series, TV programme, short film, video clip or advertisement) in Turkey have to apply to the Directorate General of Cinema to obtain filming permit.

According to the regulations, during the film shooting it is obligatory to have at least one host who is a citizen of the Turkish Republic.

With our close ties with local and govermental authorities since 2009, we arrange all your filming permits for your projects in a short amount of time.

We are happy to sort out and assist your filming needs in Turkey.


Thanks to Turkey`s geographical position that makes international productions easy in Turkey.

Being a bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey offers wide range of casting choices including European, Middle Eastern and Asian looking talents as a home of multi-cultural and ethnic casting.

Our Casting Partners and our database offers many options that makes international productions easy in Turkey with multilingual speaking talents. We have our own stage, rehearsal space and we can audition the best talent for your projects.

Come and shoot where Europe meets Asia and you can easily double your productions in Turkey with benefits.


Instead of our productions, as our subdivision Istanbul Filmmakers Studio & Rental, we are a film studio rental and film equipment rental house providing state of the art latest film equipment rental services to the industry. We proudly rent our camera, lighting, sound, grip equipment as one the most comprehensive and only film hub of Turkey. In addition, within our partnerships since with other rental houses since 2009, we have access to the latest equipment and we provide the best prices for our clients.

We have our own Arri, Red, Sony, Canon cameras as well as speciality cameras like Phantom Flex High speed camera, as one of the few owners in Turkey.

We provide on location rental packages like in the Usa or in Europe and offer packages accordingly your budget dimensions. We rent 2 ton truck, 1 ton truck, digital equipment van packages to name a few.

Our digital studio rentals include greenbox, white cyc, tabletop studios and customizable shooting areas where you can do your own décor accordingly to your shooting requirements.

We will be happy to assist you realizing your project and You can always get in touch with us for your rental and studio requirements.


Serhan Nasırlı


Abdo Singer


Berkcan Başsu

Studio Manager

Özgür Gür

Rental Manager

Doğan Fırat

Production Coordinator

Fırat Efe Akyüz


Emre Aksu

Art Director

Çağrı İşbilir

Videography / Photography

Muhammed Sağır

Production Assistant

Oğuzhan Şirinyurt

Production Assistant

Nihayet Yıldırım

Office Assistant